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1 x HEINEKEN’S SUNNY BASIL BBQ in a 50g sachet


BBQ with Heineken – What is better than to crack open a cold one while firing up the barbecue?  To do that with a swell seasoning which is a perfect match for the distinct flavors of Heineken!

HEINEKEN’S SUNNY BASIL BBQ along with an ice cold Heineken are the perfect buddies for barbecuing meat, vegetables, fish or to literally ad some spice to a fresh salad on the side – because the Heineken flavor emphasizes the fine touch of all light meals. Just marinate your goods with it or sprinkle it over your meal.

Based on the specific taste of Heineken the beer sommelier Matthias Kopp and the spice experts of KARL KONRAD’S KINDESKINDER developed HEINEKEN’S SUNNY BASIL BBQ.


This product is MSG-free and vegetarian and vegan-friendly.


Spices (onions, black pepper, basil, garlic, coriander, carrots, lemon peel, curcuma, ginger, rosemary, spinach), salt, bread crumbs (contains GLUTEN), dextrose, canola oil, natural flavors (herbs, lemon), acidifier: citric acid.


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