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Material: Domestic beech wood
Dimensions: L 22cm x W 12cm x H 1cm

Our CHOP WITH ME-cutting board is made of domestic, durable & untreated beech wood. It’s branded with the Kindeskinder logo on one side & our slogan on the other, containing the brand’s slogan in German “WARUM IMMER NUR SALZ STREUEN?” (English translation: “WHY STOP AT JUST A DASH OF SALT?”).

Why did we do this? So no matter if you’re cutting meat or already crying your eyes out while up chopping onions, you’ll always have a nice reminder of us and cheer up at the thought of all the cool recipes you’ll be able to make with your universal Kindeskinder seasoning mixes. Pro-tip: they also make a nice addition to a gift basket filled with our spice mixes and racks, but we’ll leave the decorating ideas and finer details to you.

And this cutting board is not here as a mere gimmick; this baby’s made to last, provided it receives a good dose of T.L.C.. We at Kindeskinder recommend rubbing your cutting board with vegetable oil after using and cleaning it, which makes the wood take on a richer, darker hue and protects it from whittling away after multiple uses. In order to prevent the Kindeskinder logo itself from slowly fading away from your life (who would want that?!), it’s better to avoid the dish washer entirely if you can.


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