Let the butter soften slightly at room temperature, place in a bowl, and mash it down with a fork. Pro-tip: mash the butter from the middle towards the edge of the bowl, round and round, so that it takes on the shape of the bowl. Now shake, shake, shake five teaspoons of CRUSTY DUST into your butter-bowl. You can also start with a bit less, taste it, then add more spices as desired-everything goes. Just remember: in this case, more is more!

Grab your garlic clove, insert it into a garlic press and give it a good squeeze. Distribute the pressed garlic, two teaspoons of tomato paste, and the finely cut parsley over the butter and mix well with the fork. Think you’re done? No way! Time to mix it some more. Dip a bit of bread into your creamy creation to make sure it tastes great. If it does, guess what? You’re done!

This butter is a real party hit – no joke! There’s nothing better if you want to make a big impression with your friends with not much effort. Well…almost nothing, except even more delicious butter variants made with CRUSTY DUST and RUBY ROAST, of course. Picture this: It’s two in the morning, acute electrolyte deficiencies are being experienced en masse and the buffet table is half empty. The little food that’s remaining has seen its share better days… what is a host to do? Out you come with your trusty can of CRUSTY DUST and -ta-dah!- the kitchen comes alive again with your home-made garlic butter as its central attraction.

You’d better keep a few spare bowls handy for those after-midnight munchies!



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