The Mexican Fiesta, Fiesta can be drunken as a long drink or as a
shot. However, we do recommend halving the amount of RUBY ROAST and Tabasco and testing as you go if you don’t want your drink to end up being too hot to handle! Our recipe will give you approximately 30 shots or two long drinks – it’s up to you.

Put everything in a bowl or a large glass and stir briefly with a spoon or a stick of celery – that’ll make it extra-healthy- then pop your bowl into the fridge; that’s it!

To bring to a party, make the desired amount of Mexican Fiesta-Fiesta, pour your mixture into a clean bottle, chill, create a cool custom label and loudly announce your arrival with a serenade on your lips and a song in your heart.

And we also recommend the Dry Mexicana without alcohol for expecting moms and children’s parties. You can even warm up your mixture in a pan, enhance it with crème fraîche or sour cream, and enjoy it as a delicious soup – ideally seasoned with a touch of HERBS HARMONY!

It’s a snap to take RUBY (or any of the other spice mixes) with you on-the-fly and sprinkle some into the complimentary tomato juice you get mid-flight. That’ll get you into a conversation with your seat mate – or maybe even the nice cabin crew serving you.

The RUBY Mexicana – just like in Hamburg, but with a twist!



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