It’s time to learn to trust your own instincts! After all, you’ve picked up quite a bit of experience by now, so it’s time to test those sexy cooking skills. Ready, set, go!

Slice the zucchini (in strips, cubes, stars, or (heart) s) and distribute them on the surface of a cooking tray along with a couple of tomatoes – eggplant slices go nicely as well! Depending on the amount of chopped vegetables you have, mix a dollop of oil and your FAVORITE Kindeskinder SEASONING in a bowl.

Add a crushed a clove of garlic and anything else you can think of that would enhance the freshness and flavors of your dish: parsley, Tabasco sauce, mustard, honey, ketchup, balsamic vinegar, onions, bread crumbs, parmesan, bacon – if it’s edible and tasty, it’s game! So… off to the fun part: use a basting brush to spread your creation over the vegetables – it’s all in the wrist! – and then pop the cooking tray into the oven. Now turn up the heat; Southern Europeans like it hot!

Does it smell good? Great! Once the zucchini is cooked and browned, then you can tuck your veggies into a bed of salad or pasta. We trust you know how that works – right?! If in doubt, put some vinegar, oil, and “my flavorite dip” (recipe on this site!) on the arugula or mix CRUSTY DUST garlic butter (recipe on this site!) with crème fraîche and a dash of SCHNITZELGLÜCK over the spaghetti.

From now on, you can do it yourself!



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