Don’t let others tell you how you should cook. As soon as you give free rein to your appetite and creativity, it won’t be long until you find out for yourself!

That’s also why our recipes are only meant to serve as basic guides for all the possibilities you can create with our spice mixes and how to cook in general; just follow your own taste buds and let them lead the way! What’s also great about the recipes in this booklet is that they also work really well with the other KARL KONRAD’S Kindeskinder seasoning mixes – every kind goes with everything, just with a bit of a twist! You can find these delicious recipes in our KARL KONRAD’S Kindeskinder booklet, which is included with your order.

So, that’s enough talk. Time to get out your saucepans, frying pans, grills, and plates and just have fun with it!!

kindeskinder sandwich recipes sexy fast yum

Fanciful sandwiches to tickle every tastebud!
Just why are our sandwiches oh so sexy, you ask? Because thanks to our recipes, you’re only a “quickie” away from achieving your heart’s desire: an uncomplicated, attractive, and luscious treat sure to satisfy any appetite. So why wait? Love is only a sandwich-maker away!   read more


avocado omelet recipe kindeskinder basil olive lettuce cream eggs recipe


Turn your everyday omelet into a high-class culinary treat.
What is specially wonderful about this recipe is that it only requires 10 minutes (or less!) of preparation time to create a veritably yummy and filling meal. read more




With two to three teaspoons RUBY ROAST – smoking hot!
Drink the Mexican Fiesta, Fiesta as a long drink or as a shot. However, we do recommend halving the amount of RUBY ROAST and Tabasco and testing as you go if you don’t want your drink to end up being too hot to handle! read more



Just six teaspoons of HERBS HARMONY, BASIL OLIVE, or RUBY ROAST are all it takes to make this dip your all-time flavorite!

For spaghetti, salads, spreading it on bruschetta, or baking it as a topping for scalloped potatoes and meat. You can also pop it into a preserve jar and take it to a picnic: the possibilities are endless! read more


Take five teaspoons of CRUSTY DUST & prepare to be toasted the darling of the evening.
This butter is a real party hit – no joke! There’s nothing better if you want to make a big impression with your friends with not much effort. read more




It just takes 2 x 2 teaspoons of your favorite Kindeskinder seasoning to make a star* dish.
Oil both sides of the steak with five teaspoons of olive oil, evenly distribute two heaped teaspoons of RUBY ROAST (for instance) on each side, then use your fingers to rub-a-dub dub. read more




Do whatever you like – however and with whatever you want!
It’s time to learn to trust your own instincts! Cut the zucchini into slices, crush the garlic and add your FAVE SEASONING to the olive oil then mix it all together. Slather on your veggies and bake until thoroughly cooked. Yummy! read more


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