Our all-purpose spice mix products can be used as dry seasonings and sprinkled directly onto food or stirred into your favorite cooking oil to season and marinate meat, fish, tofu, or vegetables. Use them on anything from garlic butter, salads, and dips to potatoes, pasta, rice, sauces, and soups to give your dishes an extra special kick. Jazzing up your breakfast eggs in the morning has never been this simple!

For impatient gourmets, smart hobby cooks, enthusiastic beginners, and all those who simply want to eat delicious food!


Our seasoning mixes love being used often and are not designed to just stand around and collect dust (although they’re still pretty decorative even when they do). But if they’ve been idling about in the kitchen for a while and seem have hardened up out of frustration, worry not: the shakers only need to be given a good hearty shake and the spices within can be mixed and loosened up with a spoon. Then, voilà, everything will be right with the world once again! And don’t worry, the Kindeskinder won’t be mad at you at all – that’s a promise!


As seasoning experts, we’ve known for a long time that you don’t need a matching, custom-blended, ‘special snowflake’ of a seasoning mix to go with every possible dish under the sun. Trust us, you don’t. So don’t let those TV cooks hoodwink you – it’s not like they grind every peppercorn by hand themselves. YOU CAN BET YOUR WOODEN SPOON ON IT!

We also know that your kitchen is certainly NOT going to explode if you were to decide to put SCHNITZELGLÜCK on an egg or CRUSTY DUST into a Bloody Mary (but your taste buds just might! Mmm-hmm!).

We’ve selected the most delicious and versatile mixes from our treasure-trove of over 300 tried-and-true KKS recipes, fine-tuned them, and combined them to make products that are both visually-attractive and deeply practical. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best of both worlds, both in their kitchens and out.

We could go on and on about how we only source the best raw materials from our most trusted suppliers with whom we’ve worked together for decades, that we boast an extensive and annually certified quality management system, and that all our products are manufactured with love according to traditional recipes born right in the heart of the Rhineland-Palatinate.

But why would you want to hear us ramble about the obvious? When your tummy is rumbling and your stomach is growling, the best thing to do is to just get cooking and try our seasoning mixes for yourself! Everything else we’ve mentioned is simply a matter of principle in terms of the way we do business- no more, no less.



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