KARL KONRAD’S Kindeskinder @Residenzfest 2014

22. July 2014


Just like they did for the FRÜHLINGSERWACHEN and MAIMARKT festivals, KARL KONRAD’S Kindeskinder also came along to the Residenzfest party on the shopping Sunday (August 10, 2014)!

Yippee! Yay! Together with Annissa Kahla from the delightful MANAR BUCHLADEN (www.manarbuchladen.de), we look forward to your visit to our stand in Vorstadt 12 in Kirchheimbolanden!

As always, alongside the seasoning mixes to prepare you for anything, there will also be various dips for you to try and, thanks to the brand-new recipe booklet, you can try out yourself right away at home.

And you can also buy SCHNITZELGLÜCK here – the original seasoning made famous by the SCHNITZEL served at the Residenzfest (GLÜCK’SCHE Hoflaube)!

And – insider tip from the Palatinate residents – the festival is always worth a visit. After all, it is the opportunity for all those who have always wanted to drink Palatinate wine out of a half-liter glass. Or, as it is officially advertised:

“Kirchheimbolanden invites you to stop for refreshments behind walls and towers, and in outdoor courtyards and restaurants. The popular Residenzfest, famous throughout the country, will be held for the 64th time from Saturday, August 9, to Monday, August 11.

Enjoy the Palatinate specialties and wines from Zellertal and local regions in the courtyards of associations and festival hosts. Soloists, dance bands, musical duos, and party bands will entertain you with musical performances on every day of the event.
The retailers (and KARL KONRAD’S Kindeskinder!) will take part in a shopping Sunday on Sunday afternoon.

The perfect concluding highlight of the festival will be played out above the rooftops of the ‘small Residenz’ on Monday evening at 10:30 p.m. with a spectacular firework display accompanied by music. Come and join the celebrations with us in Kirchheimbolanden in the heart of North Palatinate. Enjoy the local food and beverage specialties in one of the most beautiful and most popular traditional festivals of our region.”

Well, you have to agree that sounds like lots of fun!



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