23. July 2015

The Kindeskinder Team at Berlin Fashion Week 2015


Thanks to a cooperation with the Austrian designer Rebekka Ruétz, the Kindeskinder kids were allowed to mix-it-up and participate in this year’s Fashion Week event in Berlin.

Models Kindeskinder Berlin Fashion Week  Rebella Ruétz

Credit: Getty Images

The goody bags featured in Rebekka Ruétz‘s fashion show for all her guests and the members of the press needed to be as tasteful as her featured line, reason why we chose to complement it with our own lovely bundle of BASIL OLIVE (in a practical cigar-tube for on-the-go) and a full-sized RUBY ROAST spice shaker; the best of both worlds. The “A Touch of Frida” collection was characterized by being fresh, colorful, powerful, spicy as well as by exhibiting an abundance of flower crowns everywhere (just as in Kathi’s signature look) – exactly like the Kindeskinder like it!

rebekka ruétz kindeskinder fashion berlin fashion week frida

Credit: Getty Images

Even at Rebekka Ruétz‘s aftershow party we were allowed to do what we do best: wow our partners & customers! So we asked ourselves: why stop at just a dash of salt?

In order to facilitate the spice-to-taste bud transition and feature a food experience as unique as Fashion Week itself, we brought along a our spice mixes and a popc0rn machine and let the magic unfold!

Needless to say, everyone loved it! On this evening, there was certainly an abundance of “good taste” to be had overall-both as a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

We are grateful for this successful and symbiotic cooperation with Rebekka Ruétz and would like to extend a big hurrah for everyone that helped make it all possible!

With love from Kibo (Kirchheimbolanden, for all of you non-Rhineland Palatinaters)

The Kindeskinder Team


Feel free to give Rebekka’s Facebook page a a big “Like” here

or view and shop for items in her collection on her official website:

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