kindeskinder_about_left_columnOur multicultural team made up of old hands with 50 years of KKS experience and highly motivated youngsters from near and far (Spanish production manager) and far, far away (Indonesian intern) has really tried out lots of stuff and knows what’s what.

KARL KONRAD’S Kindeskinder is the lifeblood of Kathi Sauer, the great-granddaughter of the founder of the family company KKS KARL KONRAD GmbH & Co. KG – over 60 years of expertise in the seasoning mix industry. Up to now, they had only supplied to food producers.

“Why don’t you sell your seasonings to end customers?” This oft-repeated question from friends and relatives is one that Kathi had also often asked herself. The fact that her grandfather and then later her father always carried with them the pleasant smell of herbs and spices when they came home in the evenings left Kathi no choice but to become interested in food at a very early age. Kathi might have been born into the Kindeskinder family, but she didn’t want to simply rest on her laurels, which was why she studied hard: food technology at the University of Bonn. Good idea – you always have to eat!

There, she learned all about manufacturing and processing food products. But the question of how to sell them remained, at first, unanswered. However, she was able to find the answers after her second course of study in Berlin: marketing communication. It was very colorful and creative there, almost like creating a new seasoning mix in the development laboratory.

Kathi’s final thesis was all about developing a strategy to make her favorite seasonings accessible to the rest of the world – purely hypothetically of course. But actually, why should she just file all the good ideas and possibilities into a drawer if she had the opportunity of doing the most fitting, most motivating Kathi job of all time!?

Yep – that was the birth of Kindeskinder
That’s why Kathi now commutes between the small town of Kirchheimbolanden and the big city of Berlin: to help RUBY ROAST and the others along to their deserved recognition. True to the motto:

„Sprinkle it on, then pass it along“!



Kathi’s tip for keen travelers

You can also take along the Kindeskinder seasoning when you are on the road. There have been so many times I’ve been annoyed that my sandwich to go, the fries after partying all night, or self-cooked meals at festivals and on trips could have tasted so much better if they had not been so bland. Our seasoning mixes that prepare you for anything have already saved me from seasoning dilemmas like these. In Cuba, I finally found the right packaging for when you’re on the road. Cigar tubes – those in the know call them “tubos”! They are stylish with a great design, offer perfect product protection, and fit in every vest pocket! Give them a try and fill up your favorite seasoning mix for when you’re on the go – there is nothing more practical for travel catering!
OK, let’s get down to it.


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