Anybody who knows how to eat and what they like can cook – of that we can assure you. Because it’s really not as difficult as you might think. So take a deep breath and just relax! We did all the heavy-thinking for you and developed spice mixes that will ensure you have all the right seasonings you need no matter what you try to create – it’ll be alright, we promise!

All you need is a universal spice mix that can do it all – just like CRUSTY DUST, RUBY ROAST, HERBS HARMONY, BASIL OLIVE, ROADHOUSE, and SCHNITZELGLÜCK.

The KARL KONRAD’S Kindeskinder seasoning-mixes are as flexible, spontaneous, and versatile as you are! Whether at cookouts with friends, in the cafeteria at work, eating a lunchtime sandwich in the park, rocking out at your favorite festivals, on-the-go on trips, or even right at home – these seasoning mixes are perfect to use when culinary ambitions are high but time is short.

Our complete seasoning mixes contain absolutely everything you need to achieve a perfectly balanced taste. No need to season with extra salt and pepper afterwards either; every Kindeskinder product already has you covered.




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